I feel as though I need to start off with an apology.  Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t written anything in awhile.  You might be thinking, hhmmmm she has been pretty quiet, and that’s not like her.

Well the reason is because I have basically just been cranky.  I feel like I would be so negative in my blog.  I would be that “negative Nelly” I was writing about before.  We all have stuff going on and really don’t want or need to hear about someone else’s BS.

Life has a funny way of reminding us that in many circumstances, we do not have the power to control or fix most things.  It can be frustrating, maddening, and even depressing.   For a type A personality like myself, feeling no sense of control is miserable.

With so much craziness going on, I have been at a loss of words.  However I am slowly snapping out of it and getting back on track.  My boys give me plenty of material to bitch write about.  They are about 75% of the reason why I am so crazy!  This motherhood crap ain’t easy!  It’s more like being in the trenches of war!  So even though I said I didn’t want to bother anyone with my complaining, I lied, I’m going to tell you all about it anyway.  I figure someone else is probably dealing with their crazy kids and some of this might really hit home!

Example 1:

Yesterday I had a re-do appointment for the two little guys to get their picture taken.  If you read my post about our last photography session, you know that did not go so well.

Photo Session 1




I planned it all out of course (remember type A) best time would be after breakfast, before nap time.  So I arranged a 10am session.  We happened to have gotten there about 10 minutes early, and the store was not open yet.  Since I know my boys will not do well just sitting in their stroller and waiting ten minutes, I decided to hit another store first which had a Starbucks in it.  First mistake!  While waiting to place my order Travis is grabbing everything he can that is within reach.  People are watching and I’m sure thinking/saying: “What the hell is wrong with that kid and his mother”.  My God my kids never acted like that…  He was being obnoxious, which in turn already makes me stress about our photo session.  So I finally got my coffee (it felt like an eternity but it was probably like 5 minutes) and being proactive decide to take Travis to use the potty.  We all cram into the tiny bathroom, stroller and all, and I see a stream of pee coming down Travis’s leg onto the floor.  Instantly I started sweating.  I have no back up jeans.  I have underwear but they are in the car.  His socks and shoes are soaked. OMG, OMG, OMG… WTF, WTF, WTF!!!!!  So now we are late for our appointment, and we are going to be very late (more sweat).  I decide to take off his shoes, socks, and jeans.  I left him in his shirt and undies.  So here we are (please use your imagination as to what we looked like) shopping in Target and one child has no socks, no shoes, and no pants.  I mean if that doesn’t scream white trash or attract pedifiles, I don’t know what would!  I scramble to find to right size in everything he needs and go pay at the checkout.  I call the photography studio to let them know we are very late but on our way.

We arrive, they must think I’m totally nuts, I mean hell I would if I saw someone coming in dressed or should I say undressed like that.  My stress level is through the roof!  They get the boys going.  I’m trying to not let the boys see me, this way maybe they will be a little more cooperative.  Sounds like things are going well.  Maybe I will stop sweating soon.  Things quickly start going down hill.  These boys are maniacs!  I joked with one of the ladies working there and told her next time they will get a Benadryl cocktail before we come, and also my Starbucks coffee will have Vodka added to it.  Thankfully they were very good and understanding, but I’m sure they will be talking about us for quite some time.  The final picture of them together:

Seriously just shoot me now!

10 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. I’m howling! I remember those kind of days. Once, my supposedly 2 1/2-year old daughter walked into my boss’s office (the dean of the college) and peed on the carpet. Fortunately, he had two young children and totally related! But look at those adorable little angels you have. How could they drive you to distraction?😉

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  2. LOL, an underwear and shirt wearing child with you at Target made me laugh so hard. But I’m sure all the other moms weren’t thinking “white trash” but instead “thank God that’s not me today.”

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