We Live in Coventry, RI.  
Rhode Island is it's own state (smallest in the country with the longest name actually).  
Some people think it is a part of NY, Long Island, or New Jersey, but we are not.  We are just outside of Boston Massachusetts! So often we do NOT pronounce our R's (but sometimes we do when there isn't actually one in the word) and we say things like; wicked smaht, sista, brotha, all set, or that's a pissa... 

This picture above, is taken from the back deck of our home.  A great place for the kids in the summer & winter!
  1. John
    Dad Husband Son Brother Friend Pyrotechnician
  2. Domenic
    13 years old 8th grade -- honor roll student Big Brother enjoys: hockey, wake-boarding, snow boarding, and hanging with his friends
  3. Beth
    Mom Wife The Nagger Daughter Sister Friend
  4. Travis
    2 1/2 years old goes to daycare enjoys: Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, and tormenting his brothers and parents!
  5. Christopher
    16 months old babysat by his "Mama" - grandmother enjoys: eating, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, and playing peek a boo!
  6. Brutus
    Brutus was born on March 17th 2009. He has been with us since before we got married. Domenic was in kindergarten when we first got him. He has been with us through so much!
This family picture was taken at Christmas time, 2015.  My husband John, and I with the 3 boys.
Domenic (13) 
Travis (2 1/2)
Christopher (14 months)

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